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Terms & Conditions

Start Earning Program - Terms and Conditions

Start Earning program (“Program”) is an initiative of Balancehero India Private Ltd. (“Company”) to encourage its customers to complete full KYC and increase their engagement on its True Balance App.

This Program governed by the following terms and conditions and you agree to abide by the below terms and conditions.

  1. For the purpose of these Terms of Use, wherever the context so requires-

  2. Only a customer holding Full KYC Wallet shall be eligible to participate in this Program.

  3. A customer shall be eligible to participate only for those product categories where he does not have purchase history before launch of this Program.

  4. Currently only following product categories are listed under the program: Shop Product, Train, Digigold and Insurance.

  5. The customer shall be eligible for prescribed cashback (in the form of free points) against the tasks listed under each product categories.

  6. If the customer completes all the eligible tasks, he shall be eligible for additional free points between Rs. 0 to Rs. 50. (“Bonus Cashback”)

  7. Please note that there is no cashback on purchase of any insurance product.

  8. If a customer has availed recharge loan or paylater for payment of any services then the customer must first pay the dues as per the relevant terms & conditions, to be eligible for the cashback under this Program.

  9. It is hereby clarified that If a Customer has already done all of his/her first purchase in all the listed products or in all the products except Insurance, before the launch of the program or before doing full KYC, then he/she be ineligible to participate in this Program.

  10. In case of full / partial cancellation of any purchase, the customer will not be eligible to get the Cashback.

  11. If a Customer cancels any order post availing the cashback then the Company reserves the right to roll back the cashbacks and/or also, Bonus Cashback earned by the Customer. If cashback is availed, Company will deduct cashback amount from the refund, if any. It is clarified that for the purpose of this Program, such cancelled transaction shall be considered as completed transaction.

  12. If due to any system glitch, the Company has to cancel the transaction then the Company will roll back the cashbacks and also the bonus cashback if given on this. However, customer becomes re-eligible to complete the task and get the cashback. If cashback is availed, Company will deduct cashback amount from the refund.

  13. Please refer to our Refund and cancellation policy.

  14. The Company solely reserves the right to alter and / or withdraw any tasks or free points amount or the whole program without giving prior notice to the customers.

  15. In case of fraudulent / suspicious transaction, the Company solely reserves the right to revoke free points given or block the customer's account.

  16. This terms & conditions is not exhaustive one, it covers only the scope of this program. It should be read in conjunction with other platform specific product's terms and conditions.

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