Terms & Conditions

Grievance Policy

1. Introduction

In this competitive market scenario, it is imperative for Balancehero India Pvt. Ltd. (‘BHI’ or the ‘Company’) to have a robust mechanism in place to resolve/address customer complaints. BHI aimsto provide the highest quality of customer service to ensure continued customer satisfaction, retention and sustained growth of business.This policy outlines a structured grievance redressal mechanism for BHIto have an ongoing and focused approach towards customer service. and operationalize a mechanism for effective redressal of customer grievances.



2. Objective

BHI, through a comprehensive Customer Grievance Redressal Policy, intends to put in place systems, procedures and review mechanism for minimizing instances of customer complaints and grievances and to ensure their prompt redressal. The key objectives of this policy are as under:

  • Ensure unbiased, fair and just treatment to customers on an ongoing basis

  • Consistently assess the impact of services in order to serve customers better

  • Provide customers formal and informal channels for feedback and suggestions

  • Put in place a formal grievance redressal mechanism for customers and educating them

  • Ensure speedy and efficient resolution of customer issues with adherence to basic principles of transparency and integrity

  • Educate the customers about alternate escalation mechanisms for resolution of the complaints/ issues if they are not satisfied with the first response

  • Protecting users’personal information against any unauthorized usage


3. Fraud Prevention

Customers may report any unauthorised transactions, suspicious calls, messages or emails at the below email address, to ensure that our team can take appropriate action in a timely manner. Email Id: reportfraud@balancehero.com First Response Time: Within 24 hours (1 working day)



4. Limited Liability of Customers

Cutomers will be able to lodge complaints regarding unauthorised payment transactions through the available channels. A customer’s liability arising out of an unauthorised payment transaction will be limited to:

5. Redressal mechanism for grievances raised

6. Registration & Tracking of Complaints

7. Record Keeping

The record pertaining to customer complaints shall be maintained for a minimum period of 10 years from the date of resolution. Moreover, timely backup of system data of complaints shall be taken to ensure availability of data at all times.