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Schedule of Charges

Schedule of Charges

Applicable for True Balance Wallet Holders

  1. Wallet to Bank Transfer - 3% of the Amount to be transferred to the Bank Account.

  2. Add Money in Wallet through Credit Card – 2% of the Amount to be loaded in the wallet. 

  3. Gift Card purchase using Credit Card – 2% of the Gift Card Purchase Amount.

  4. Electricity Bill Payment – 2% of the Electricity Bill Payment Amount; Maximum INR 5 per transaction.

  5. Water Bill Payment – INR 2 per transaction.

  6. Broadband Bill Payment – INR 5 per transaction.



  • All the Service Charges are inclusive of applicable taxes.

  • All the charges are subject to change.

  • For any queries on the Charge, you can reach out to us on or alternatively, contact us on (0120)-4001028.

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