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Instant Cash Loan
Financing the Next Billion

At True Balance, we focus on non-online payment users, and non-credit score users. These are users who are underbanked or not serviced by the traditional financial institutions. We aim to ensure to reach the next billion users of India who deserve financial help.

Apply → Approve → Disburse within 30 mins

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Light, Fast and Simple

True Balance is fast, simple and seamless. 
We facilitate fast disbursal of loan which involves few simple steps. As small as Rs.1,000 to as big as Rs.1,00,000 (Disbursal Amount) we are here to serve you. Experience instant and secure lending with us.

24*7 Available

5 Simple Steps

Our Service Features


Easy Access

We facilitate hassle free, 24hrs access to credit from anywhere, anytime


RBI Licensed Lending Partner

Loans at True Balance app are only facilitated through RBI licensed NBFC


PPI licensed Entity

True Balance provides Prepaid Payment Instruments in mobile wallet form as guided in RBI's Master Directions on the Issuance of Prepaid Instruments. The wallets facilitates recharge, bill payment etc.


Customised Products

Our product and services are customised to fit in your financial needs


Instant & Fast

Loan application process is fast and disbursals instant

About CKYC India

Central KYC Registry is a centralized repository of KYC records of customers in the financial sector with uniform KYC norms and inter-usability of the KYC records across the sector with an objective to reduce the burden of producing KYC documents and getting those verified every time when the customer creates a new relationship with a financial entity.


Making Finance Available For All

Our rate of interest is industry defining which makes loans affordable for all.

Got rejected by others, try us. 

We will be  your first partner in financial need and grow with you
 as your financial partner.

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