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We are building the
next generation

financial platform
for the underserved

Leadership Team

Core value

Driven by 5 Core Values, 
we cultivate culture which encourages freedom of expression, equal opportunity for growth, open channels of communication and complete transparency within the organisation. Employees are at the heart of each decision and that is what drives true growth for us.​
At Balancehero India, the employees witness the neo-South Korean culture with flatter organization structure, open office spaces, and vibrancy, which motivates everyone to contribute towards the achievement of overall company goals.

We keep our employees engaged and motivated through feedback and monthly rewards as a way of showing appreciation where it is due. 

Our members say

I am thankful to BHI that within only two years, I got the opportunity to expand beyond my conventional roles in finance, legal or compliance, to new skills in business development.​
BHI doesn’t follow a flat structure because of buzz words or modern trends, rather every department must work together to achieve the common mission – despite sudden challenges or even a pandemic.


Vishal Bahtia


Here, I work on latest technologies like Microservices, Java 11 etc. And the learning does not stop with latest technologies only, time to time company  organises different workshops and engagement activities which have helped me grow radically.​

Since I closely work with the Korean team, I get global work exposure.


Sagar Varma

Sr. Software Engineer​

Awards and recognitions


Top Fintech

Startups in India



Top Payments

Tech Minicorn

Jan 2020

Join Our Growing Team

Join Our Growing Team​

At True Balance, we believe that great people make great visions come true. ​
Join us on our journey of building a next generation financial platform for India's financially uncredited users.

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